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Payment Gateway

MyGhanaonline Payment Gateway is a new payment service that works with your preferred digital wallet or bank account to offer a convenient, safer and overall better payment experience. It is a complete end-to-end online and mobile payment transactions solution to enable consumers and businesses send, spend and receive payments.

New technologies are putting our lives, our communities, and our world at the tips of our fingers; mobile money, debit/credit card, internet banking, bank electronic transfers, etc.

With MyGhanaonline Payment Gateway, we're using those same ideas to build a new payment experience that's powered by you.

MyGhanaonline Payment Gateway is built and managed by MyGhanaonline.com; and backed by a group of developers and entrepreneurs passionate about using mobile and web technology to drive social change.



MyGhanaonline now enables you to receive payments online.

The details are as follows:
1. Accept VISA and MasterCard payments online.
2. Settlement in GHS (Ghana Cedi) and USD (US Dollar).
3. Settlement into your GHS or USD bank account within 3-4 working days.
4. Setup fee - $400.00 (if an existing client, $690.00 if not).
5. No bank transfer fees, No monthly fees, No chargeback fee and No flat fee per transaction!
6. Support for all your business locations anywhere in Africa.
7. Processing fee per transaction 3.6%.
8. Same rate for local and foreign-issued debit and credit cards.
9. Real-time view of transactions.
10. Free SSL certificate and installation (if website is hosted by us); Free developer integration service ($1,500 value!).
11. No need for Bank Of Ghana exemptions for USD settlement.

Research suggests that if a good reservations form increases the responsiveness of potential guests by 30%, the ability to receive payments and complete a successful booking moves this to within 85%!

We only need about an hour to take the necessary information to set you up and if necessary, a few more, to fine tune your service. You should be accepting payments in less than one working day!

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