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Site Maintenance

MyGhanaonline provides website services and among them is site maintenance. Site Maintenance encompasses various actions needed to guarantee the operational integrity of a site.

There is the need to update your site when:

  • Your company has a value addition like has a new accreditation, licensing or some sort of recognition.
  • New products or services-launch of a new product or a new service should be included at once for sales generations.
  • Completed a successful project. If you've just finished a project, include it on your website.
  • Create an online portfolio, add a case study advertise it.
  • Added to your client list- get a testimonial from each of your successful client projects. Updating your testimonials regularly will also show clients who have visited your site your strengths.
  • Add an article-Writing article is a great way to keep your website Information current and to put more content on your site. Search engines choose content-rich sites, and visitors will keep coming back for new information.
  • Press releases- post all press releases and other information you publish about your company to your website.
  • Changes in your business-Any change in the company status should be added to your website.


  • SETUP - GH ¢1,520.00 / one-off
  • TRAINING - GH ¢400.00 / hour


GH ¢50.00 / page Order Now!

Your web site should always contain up-to-date information protecting the investment that you have made and attracting visitors. As your business constantly changes and you look for ways to better serve your clients, employees and partners, your web site needs to offer the latest information and resources.

New features need to be added, the design needs to be updated, and the right image has to be presented. We are here to be your web development team at a minimal cost, without dedicating any of your valuable resources.

You still remain in control, choosing the right level of maintenance your business needs, with the features and expertise that fit your business model either Pay As You Go; for non hosting clients nor retainer for hosting client postpaid at timely basics (weekly, monthly, yearly annually etc.

When you need an update all you have to do is let us know. If you have a new press release, an event, new products and services, staff changes, let your site visitors know. And if your site requirements have changed and you want to be able to post a calendar, create an online newsletter, create a page for a specific offer, or build an online customer database you will be covered.

While you outsource the web maintenance of your site to us, we will also make sure that your site is visible to the Internet by submitting it to search engines and other marketing resources, check it for consistency and dead links, provide a quarterly report of how competitive your site is and what you can do to improve it and also make sure that your site is always available.

We offer these services on an as needed basis, or in the form of longer term maintenance retainer agreements. Contact us and request a consultation to see if there is a way that we can help you stay up to date with all of your website’s needs.

Once you see the efficiency with which we can maintain your site, you will feel more secure in your website investment.

Just as you do not compromise with the maintenance of your business, you should not compromise with your web sites maintenance. A well maintained site brings in the ultimate big bucks

We trust that you would take advantage of our quality of service to enhance the smooth implementation of your organization’s internet presence.