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Akpors and the CEO
Posted Feb 03, 2013 at 6:02pm   |   By Samuel Apea-Danquah,
The C.E.O. was walking in d factory, he noticed
a guy leaning against the wall, looking
somewhere.. He approched d man & asked
him, "How much do you earn?"
guy was amazed n said, "2000, sir."
CEO took out wallet n gave the guy 6000 and
told him, "I pay people here 2 work n not 2
waste time.. This is ur 3 month's salary n now
get out of here NEVER come back.."
The CEO now looked at other workers &
asked, "Who was that guy?"
Workers replied, "He was d pizza delivery guy

The Lord will give you unmerited favour this Month and you will share your Super Story to the world...say Amen